Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Feast by Jeremiah Knight [5 stars]

From the Description
The human race hangs by a thread the thickness of a single gene: RC-714. The gene,which unlocks the millennia of genetic traits stored in junk DNA, gives crops the ability to rapidly evolve and thrive in any environment. But RC-714 is passed on when consumed. Any creature--mammal, reptile, fish or insect--that eats the genetically modified crops becomes a slave to the Change. Bodies morph into unrecognizable abominations. Intellect takes a back seat to ravenous hunger. And all the world's species eat each other toward extinction.

Racing against this impending outcome, Peter Crane and his family attempt to reach a laboratory in Boston, where a slim hope of saving the human race from extinction exists. But before heading northeast, they must visit the swamps of South Carolina's Hellhole Bay to find a scientist who can help undo the damage done by ExoGen, the corporation that created and unleashed RC-714. Upon reaching Hellhole, the family is captured by a man named Mason, who not only survived the Change, but managed to keep a small community alive as well--a community that is subject to his every carnal desire and whim.

Trapped in the clutches of a man whose heart is as twisted as the monsters that roam the Earth, Peter, Ella, Jakob, Anne and Alia, must fight for their freedom from a literal hellhole. Danger lurks behind every door, stalks beneath the swampy waters and descends from the sky. As enemies--both human and ExoGenetic--close in, surviving will be harder than ever, and for some, impossible.

In2015, Jeremiah Knight exploded onto the horror/sci-fi scene with his Top 100bestselling novel: Hunger. Combining the speculative science of Crichton with the twisted scares of King, Feast continues the story that made Hunger the #1 post-apocalyptic novel.

Publication Date: May 31, 2016

Publisher: Breakneck Media

Publication Length: 256 pages

Post-Apocalyptic fans rejoice!! Jeremiah Knight is back with Feast, the second book in the Hunger series, and it's EPIC. As a huge fan of Jeremy Robinson, AKA Jeremy Bishop & Jeremiah Knight, I expected to love this book. What I didn't expect was to be so transported by the story that I was surprised when I looked up to find myself in the real world instead of the one Knight created. A world filled with pulse pounding excitement and heart stopping moments of terror as Peter, Ella, Jakob, Anne and Alia try to save what's left of the human race. The ExoGenetic creatures are terrifying but the truly horrific monsters are human. The level of depravity in Hellhole Bay was also, unfortunately, all to realistic. The characters are believable and easy to root for or against. Some of them surprised me, turning out to be unexpected allies. I can't wait to find out more about them and what is waiting down the road for Peter and his family. I highly recommend this phenomenal 5 star read.


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About the Author

Jeremy Robinson (aka Jeremy Bishop and Jeremiah Knight) was born in the seacoast town of Beverly, Massachusetts. From a young age his father fostered a love for Science Fiction and all things monstrous. He grew up on thick doses of Superman, Batman, X-men, Dr. Who, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Star Trek and Godzillacreative fuel for the future.

He began his creative career as an illustrator for comic books and comic strips and on several small indie projects, but it wasn’t long before an epiphany struckhis art wasn’t just about creating imagesit was about telling stories. Robinson switched gears to writing, first screenplays and then novels.

Robinson is the international bestselling author of more than fifty novels and novellas including MIRRORWORLD, UPRISING, ISLAND 731, SECONDWORLD, and the Jack Sigler thriller series. Robinson is also known as the #1 horror writer, Jeremy Bishop, author of THE SENTINEL, THE RAVEN and the controversial novel, TORMENT, and Jeremiah Knight, author of the post-apocalyptic HUNGER series. His novels have been translated into thirteen languages. His bestselling kaiju novel, PROJECT NEMESIS is now being released as a comic book series from American Gothic Press/Famous Monsters of Filmland, and his Jack Sigler thrillers entered development to be released as a major motion picture. He lives in New Hampshire with his wife, and three children.

You can find Jeremy on his website, Beware of Monsters or on Facebook , Twitter ,and GoodReads


Praise for Jeremiah Knight

"Jeremiah Knight has written the beginning of an epic sojourn into the good and evil of science, and more importantly, of man. Hunger, the first book of the Hunger Trilogy, is a must read for all!" -Suspense Magazine

"Just when you think that 21st-century authors have come up with every possible way of destroying the world, along comes Jeremiah Knight." -New Hampshire Magazine

"A wicked step-child of KING and DEL TORO. Lock your windows and bolt your doors. Jeremiah Knight imagines the post-apocalypse like no one else." -The Novel Blog