Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Hatching by Ezekiel Boone [5 stars]

From the Description
An astonishingly inventive and terrifying debut novel about the emergence of an ancient species, dormant for over a thousand years, and now on the march.

Deep in the jungle of Peru, where so much remains unknown, a black, skittering mass devours an American tourist whole. Thousands of miles away, an FBI agent investigates a fatal plane crash in Minneapolis and makes a gruesome discovery. Unusual seismic patterns register in a Kanpur, India earthquake lab, confounding the scientists there. During the same week, the Chinese government "accidentally" drops a nuclear bomb in an isolated region of its own country. As these incidents begin to sweep the globe, a mysterious package from South America arrives at a Washington, D.C. laboratory. Something wants out.

The world is on the brink of an apocalyptic disaster. An ancient species, long dormant, is now very much awake.
Publication Date: July 5, 2016
Publisher: Atria/Emily Bestler Books
Publication Length: 352 pages
Book Trailer
I received an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review. This is in no way reflected in my opinion of this book.
I have always been a huge fan of creature features with bonus points going to those that have real creatures. Stories such as Grizzly, Jaws, and now The Hatching are pure gold for me. The Hatching is the first book in what promises to be an epic series. This well written novel moves along at a fast pace, spanning the globe with a huge cast of characters and locations. While I'm not afraid of spiders, the ones found within the pages of this book are deliciously terrifying. The characters are realistic and easy to care about, not an easy task with such a large cast. The intense action and sparkling dialogue had me hooked from the start. I can't wait for the next book in this apocalyptic adventure! The Hatching is a fun and suspense filled 5 star read that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Highly recommended!
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About the Author
I live in upstate New York with my wife and kids. Whenever I travel and say I'm from New York, people think I mean NYC, but we live about three hours north of New York City. Our house is five minutes outside of a university town. We're far enough out of town that, at night, it's dark.
Darker than that.
Dark enough that, if you're not careful, you might fall off the small cliff at the edge of my property. If you're lucky, the water will be up enough to break your fall. If you're not lucky, please sign a waiver before you come to visit.
I've got two unruly dogs who are mostly friendly. Well, that's not true. The part about them being unruly is true, but one of them is the most friendly dog you've ever met, and the other dog ... isn't. They are good writing partners, though they spend a lot of their day curled up in front of the wood burning stove and ignoring me. Unless I'm making lunch. They pay attention to me then.
The Ezekiel Boone website is, but I've also got a nifty website for THE HATCHING at It has a cool map and some other bells and whistles.
You can also follow me on Facebook , Twitter , and GoodReads or you can find me on
Instagram if you are so inclined and like the idea of occasionally seeing photos of my dogs.
If you've read this far, I should mention that THE HATCHING is Ezekiel Boone's first book, but it's not actually *my* first book. I also write under the name Alexi Zentner. Alexi Zentner's books are pretty different from Ezekiel Boone's.
Praise for The Hatching
"An apocalyptic extravaganza of doom and heroism…addictive." Publishers Weekly

"It’s been too long since someone reminded us that spiders are not just to be feared, but also may well spell doom for mankind. Fortunately, Ezekiel Boone has upped the ante on arachnophobia. This is a fresh take on classic horror, thoroughly enjoyable and guaranteed to leave your skin crawling."
Michael Koryta, New York Times bestselling author of Those Who Wish Me Dead
"You know those people who claim spiders are more afraid of us than we are of them? When it comes to The Hatching, they lied. Great gory fun - and creepy, in every sense of the word..." John Connolly, #1 Internationally Bestselling Author
"This novel should come with a warning label: The Hatching is scary as hell. And addictively fun." Benjamin Percy, critically acclaimed author of THE DEAD LANDS, RED MOON, and THE WILDING
"The Hatching is a hair-raising thriller that reads like the lovechild of Independence Day and World War Z, but is creepier than both....Every once in a while something comes along that everyone will be talking about. This will be one of those books!" The Rappologist
"I do not like spiders at all, so The Hatching by Ezekiel Boone was a must read for me…This debut novel rocked my socks off and then made me put them back on...quickly ...and my shoes too."
"What Peter Benchley did for sharks, James Herbert did for rats and Michael Crichton did for dinosaurs, Ezekiel Boone does for those eight-legged freaks that lurk in dark corners of our houses. The Hatching is a full-throttle pulse-pounder that will keep you up all night feverishly flipping its pages--and make you check for webs spun under your bed before you reluctantly turn off the lights." Nick Cutter, author of The Troop and The Deep
"The Hatching is old school global plague horror of the freakiest sort. A deft and nasty thriller." Andrew Pyper, author of The Damned and The Demonologist
"Peter Benchley (with an assist from Spielberg) scared everyone out of the water with Jaws. Hitchcock showed us how terrifying birds can be. Michael Crichton's Congo went overboard on gorillas . . . Add Boone to the list. He has given everyone more reason to fear spiders." Men Reading Books
"Guys, this book is TERRIFYING. I felt incredibly itchy while reading it, and snuck constant furtive glances at the corners of my room in case a carnivorous spider decided to show up. This is not for the faint of heart" Lipstick and Libraries