Friday, June 10, 2016

Mayan Blue by Michelle Garza & Melissa Lason [4 stars]

From the Description
Xibalba, home of torture and sacrifice, is the kingdom of the lord of death. He stalked the night in the guise of a putrefied corpse, with the head of an owl and adorned with a necklace of disembodied eyes that hung from nerve cords. He commanded legions of shapeshifting creatures, spectral shamans, and corpses hungry for the flesh of the living. The Mayans feared him and his realm of horror. He sat atop his pyramid temple surrounded by his demon kings and demanded sacrifices of blood and beating hearts as tribute to him and his ghostly world.

These legends, along with those that lived in fear of them, have been dead and gone for centuries. Yet now, a doorway has been opened in Georgia. A group of college students seek their missing professor, a man who has secretly uncovered the answer to one of history’s greatest mysteries. However, what they find is more than the evidence of a hidden civilization. It’s also a gateway to a world of living nightmares.
Print Length: 149 pages
Publisher: Sinister Grin Press
Publication Date: May 25, 2016
I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is in no way reflected in my opinion of this book. Join in the fun by following along with the blog tour over at Oh, for the Hook of a Book. There is always time to jump on a tour so if interested, please e-mail Erin Al-Mehairi at for a review copy or to schedule an interview.
Xibalba, roughly translated as "place of fear", is the name of the underworld in Mayan mythology, ruled by the Mayan death gods and their helpers. Mayan Blue drags you kicking and screaming into this world full of pain and torment. This fast paced story, full of breathtaking and vivid descriptions, starts out with a bang and never lets up. Alissa, Wes, and The Shadow Priestess are easy to follow and root for, while you know from the start that Dennis, Kelly and Tyler are cannon fodder. This doesn't take anything away from the story for me because you can't have a horror story without victims. The creatures that inhabit this terrifying and hopeless world are something out of a nightmare had during a high fever. The Wayobs, the Nagual, and the Blood Maiden are going to stick with me. With Mayan Blue Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason have more than earned their title of The Sisters of Slaughter. I highly recommend this 4 star trip into terror.
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About the Authors
Melissa Lason and Michelle Garza have been writing together since they were little girls. Dubbed The Sisters of Slaughter by the editors of Fireside Press. They are constantly working together on new stories in the horror and dark fantasy genres. Their work has been included in FRESH MEAT published by Sinister Grin Press, WISHFUL THINKING by Fireside Press, WIDOWMAKERS a benefit anthology of dark fiction. You can find them on Facebook
Praise for Mayan Blue
"From the outset, Garza and Lason let the blood spill, plunging their small cast of characters into the depths of Mayan hell. There’s plenty of action to go around as the group is confronted with a number of horrors, from the labyrinthine and booby-trapped maze of the newly discovered Mayan temple to the angry gods and their owl-headed, sharp-clawed servants." Michael Hicks, Author of Convergence
"Their short works are wonderful to read. However this book proves that they can tackle longer works without missing a beat." Tom, GoodReads
"These two show no quarter dragging the charactersand by extension, the readerinto the depths of the Mayan version of Hell. There’s vividness to the scenes they craft that made me want to make sure I was reading in full daylight, or at least with most of the lights on." John Quick, Author of Consequences