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The Invasion by Brett McBean [4 stars]


From the Description

It was supposed to be a quiet end to a long day: five close-knit family and friends settling in for some much-needed sleep after coming together for an early Christmas party.

Instead, it’s the beginning of a shocking night of brutality when six intruders break into the sprawling residence of Debra Hillsboro, a middle-aged romance novelist with a fierce devotion to her loved ones and a strong kinship with her home of almost thirty years.

Armed with smartphones and a modern brand of madness, the intruders
an internet-age cult disconnected from humanity and addicted to causing fear and mayhem have come to the secluded property for one purpose: to terrorize, and ultimately kill, everyone inside all while filming their heinous crimes.

Outnumbered and cut off from the outside world, the terrified occupants find themselves trapped in a fight for survival as a once place of safety is turned into a deadly maze of darkened rooms and forbidding hallways. On this sweltering summer night, they must somehow find a way to escape before the cult turns the beloved home into a house for the dead.

Print Length: 235 pages
Publication Date: May 15, 2016


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is in no way reflected in my opinion of this novel. To find out more about Brett McBean, The Invasion or just to join in the fun follow along with the blog tour over at Oh, for the Hook of a Book. There is always time to jump on a tour so if interested, please e-mail Erin at for a review copy or to schedule an interview.


The Invasion is an intensely terrifying story. Having read other books by Brett McBean (Desolation Game: Wolf Creek 2) I expected him to bring on the horror and I wasn't disappointed. We start off getting to know just enough about a group of family and friends to see that they are decent people who love one another. The scene is set. It's cozy and warm like a fuzzy robe on a cold night. Then BAM! A group of people break in with only one goal in mind,,, to terrify, torture and murder the people in the house. The storyline reminded me of The Strangers or You're Next, and as with those stories I spent a lot of time thinking 'Get out of there! Run! No, don't hide there!'. The cult and their leader, Mr. Fear, are terrifying in their total disregard for the lives they are taking. Viewing the people they are torturing and killing as nothing more than playthings that will garner them internet fame. One of the cult actually states that "I can't do it if it's not being filmed It won't count if no one else can see it.". This coldness and lack of empathy are horrifying to me. It makes The Invasion a very effective horror story. The only complaint I had about this book is the house. It would have been a five star read without the chapter from the house's perspective. I would still recommend it to horror fans. A darkly twisted 4 star read.


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About the Author


Brett McBean is an award-winning horror and thriller author. His books, which include  The Mother,  The Last Motel  and  Wolf Creek: Desolation Game, have been published in Australia, the U.S., and Germany.

He’s been nominated for the Aurealis, Ditmar, and Ned Kelly awards, and he won the 2011 Australian Shadows Award for his collection,  Tales of Sin and Madness.

He lives in Melbourne with his wife, daughter and German shepherd.

Visit him at or on Goodreads and Facebook

Praise for Brett McBean

"McBean’s voice is one that should be heard – a hint of Laymon and Koontz, yet distinctly his own."  —Brian Keene, author of  The Rising  and  Terminal

"Brett McBean is as brash and brutal as a young Jack Ketchum. He visits the dark rooms inside us all." —Scott Nicholson, author of  The Manor  and  The Farm

"The Invasion, by Brett McBean, is a startlingly bleak home invasion story, but one that is wonderfully written. McBean relies on his characters and atmosphere to bring the biggest scares, along with the frightening threat of home invasion that many readers will bring to the reading all by themselves." -Michael Patrick Hicks, author of  Convergence


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