Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Obsidian Tears by Doug Lamoreux & Daniel D. Lamoreux [5 stars]

From the Description
Mother Earth is crying. Yellowstone is dying.

New troubles are stacking up like cordwood for Chief Ranger Glenn Merrill, as Yellowstone’s existence is threatened by earth tremors and an imminent super-volcano. After a series of gruesome deaths claiming animals, tourists, and a ranger, it’s clear that something’s gone terribly wrong at the nation's oldest national park.

But putting an end to these mysterious deaths is more than just the chief ranger’s job
it may be his end.

Obsidian Tears plunges Glenn, his Shoshone friend, an aggressive young seismologist and an Arapaho healer into a world of Indian mysticism. Will man and nature join forces, or risk losing all of humanity to an ancient evil?


Publication Date: April 12, 2016
Publisher: Creativia

Publication Length: 230 pages

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is in no way reflected in my opinion of this novel.

Obsidian Tears is the second part of the Apparition Lake series. When I picked it up I expected a good book because I enjoyed Apparition Lake so much. It exceeded my expectations! This is the kind of book that sucks you in until your surprised when you look up to find that you're back in the real world. Filled with intense action, sparkling dialogue and terrifying scenarios the story moves along at a super fast pace and keeps you hooked on every word. I loved revisiting Glenn, Johnny Two Ravens and Snow On The Mountain as they join new friends to face an old terror that threatens not only Yellowstone but people everywhere. I was moved to tears several times as I read because I was so invested in these characters. This one is highly recommended. I wish that I had more than 5 stars to give this phenomenal book!

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About the Authors

Doug Lamoreux

Doug Lamoreux is a father of three, a grandfather, a writer, and actor.
A former professional firefighter, he is the author of seven novels
and a contributor to anthologies and non-fiction works including the
Rondo Award nominated Horror 101, and its companion, the Rondo
Award winning Hidden Horror. He has been nominated for a Rondo, a
Lord Ruthven Award, a Pushcart Prize, and is the first-ever recipient of
The Horror Society’s Igor Award for fiction. Lamoreux starred in the
2006 Peter O’Keefe film, Infidel, and appeared in the Mark Anthony Vadik horror films The Thirsting (aka Lilith) and Hag. You can find him on his author page at Creativia or on Facebook , Twitter and Goodreads


Daniel D. Lamoreux

Daniel D. Lamoreux is an outdoor writer and freelance photographer with over

350 articles and columns, and nearly as many photographs, in more than 40

state, regional, and national publications. His online magazine can be found

at Dan is the founder and CEO of Master Hunter Products,, and is on a mission to provide information, education, and

entertainment products to fishermen, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and the

industry that provides for their needs. His expertise in the wild has been

developed during over 40 years of pursuing the outdoor sports. He lives,

plays, and works in the mountains of northwest Wyoming. You can find him on his author page at Creativia or on Facebook , Twitter and Goodreads