Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Blood Sacrifices by Brian Moreland [4.5 stars]


From the Description

Some evils require sacrifices.

From the author of Dead of Winter and The Devil's Woods come four tales of blood-tingling horror.

The Girl from the Blood Coven

In this short prequel to The Witching House, when Abigail Blackwood claims her hippy commune family has been massacred, Sheriff Travis Keagan and his deputies investigate. They discover there's more than weed smoking going on at Blevins House. Much more.

The Witching House

Sarah Donovan is scared of just about everything, but she helps her adventurous boyfriend investigate the old, abandoned Blevins House, scene of a forty-year-old unsolved massacre. Little do they know the house is hungry for fresh prey. . .

Darkness Rising

When Marty Weaver encounters three killers who like to play sadistic games with their victims, his own scarred past is unearthed. And when his pain is triggered, blood will flow. . .and hell will rise.

The Vagrants

Beneath the city of Boston, evil is gathering. While living under a bridge with the homeless, journalist Daniel Finley witnessed something that nearly cost him his sanity. Now, with a book published about the experience, he's caught between the Irish mafia and a deranged cult preparing to shed blood on the street.

Publication Date: April 5, 2016

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Publication Length: 282 pages


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is in no way reflected in my opinion of this anthology. For more information about this book or to join in the fun follow along with the blog tour hosted by Erin over at Oh, for the Hook of a Book. If you would like to join the tour you can reach Erin at


Blood Sacrifices is an anthology of three novellas and one short story that will leave you dying for more of Brian Moreland's books! Each story was better than the last. The Girl From The Blood Coven is the perfect start to this collection. I loved this story! It is intense and spooky, setting the mood for the rest of the book. It also made me want to know more about the things that live in the old Blevins house. Thankfully, The Witching House answered those questions. This novella had several things I love about horror, murderous rednecks, ghosts, and a creature that demands to be fed. Sarah, Dean, Meg and Casey are fun to follow as they try to find out who or what is lurking in the Blevins house. The third novella in this book is Darkness Rising, which I had reviewed previously. You can find the full review HERE. This novella ranges from gruesome and terrifying to bittersweet sadness as it carries you along to a fantastic ending. Marty is easy to care about making the bad things that happen even more horrific. The final story is The Vagrants, my favorite found in this collection. Fast paced and terrifying. Cannibal Mutants!! In the subway!! I was doing a happy dance in my heart the entire time I was reading this book. Each story was engrossing and horrific. A highly recommended 4.5 star read.


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About the Author

Brian Moreland is a best-selling and award-winning  author of novels  and short stories in the horror and supernatural suspense genre. In 2007, his novel  Shadows in the Mist, a Nazi occult thriller set during World War II, won a gold medal for Best Horror Novel in an international contest. The novel went on to be published in Austria and Germany under the title  Schattenkrieger.

Shadows in the Mist,  Dead of Winter,  and  The Devil's Woods  are his currently available novels, as well as his Kindle short-story  The Girl from the Blood Coven  and the novella it led into called  The Witching House.    Now, he has released the full-length  The  Devil’s Woods. His novella,  The Vagrants, was released in 2014, and another,  Darkness Rising, in 2015.

He loves hiking, kayaking, watching sports, dancing, and making guacamole. Brian lives in Dallas, Texas where he is diligently writing his next horror novel.  When not working on his books or books for other writers, Brian edits documentaries and TV commercials around the globe. He produced a World War II documentary in Normandy, France, and worked at two military bases in Iraq with a film crew.

Brian lives in Dallas, Texas. You can communicate with him online at, Twitter, or Facebook.

Praise for Brian Moreland

"For horror fans wanting a healthy dose of the small-town stuff a la Stephen King, be sure to pick up a copy of this (The Girl from the Blood Coven) memorable and frightening short story, a wonderful teaser that will whet your appetite for the main course, The Witching House, where the twisted story continues." -DarkEva/Hellnotes

"  Very much in the tradition of HELL HOUSE, THE WITCHING HOUSE is a creepy, modern turn on the haunted house story." -Tim Potter 

"Far and away the best new piece of fiction I've read this year. With  Darkness Rising, Brian Moreland reminded me why he's one of my two favorite (not King, Laymon, Ketchum...etc.) authors out there (the other being Ronald Malfi). I'm a huge fan of his novel,  Shadows in the Mist, but I think this novella rivals it." -Glenn Rolfe, author of Blood and Rain, on  Darkness Rising

"Brian Moreland writes a blend of survival horror and occult mystery that I find impossible to resist. I know, when I've got one of his books in my hands, that I'm going to be lost to the world for hours on end. He's just that good." -Joe McKinney, author of  Dead City  and  Flesh Eaters

"A thrilling, wholly-engrossing read that masterfully crosses multiple genres and leaves the reader breathless. Moreland weaves one hell of a history lesson, rich with brilliant characters and incredible plot twists. Highly recommended!" -Brian Keene, bestselling author of  The Last Zombie  and  Ghoul, on  Dead of Winter

"Dead of Winter  is an exceptionally well crafted horror novel that tells a gripping story of dark religious doings, a horrific serial killer, and a sympathetic Inspector, in a dark and fascinating historical setting of 19th  century Canada. The atmospherics are outstanding and the story offers plenty of surprises right up to its shocking and violent conclusion. Highly recommended." 
- Douglas Preston,   New York  Times  bestselling co-author of  The Monster of Florence  and  Cold Vengeance