Monday, November 16, 2015

The World On Fire by Sheldon Woodbury [4 stars]

From the Description

A serial-killing-arsonist called the "Angel of Death" is captured and sent to the infamous Spookhouse, a maximum security prison in the middle of the desert where the most horrific criminals are kept. But the impossible happens when he escapes with a journalist and six other psychos from death-row. They embark on an apocalyptic road trip that reveals a scary underground America that's both mythic and haunting. This is an action packed thriller that will keep you up all night until the knock-out ending.

I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. This is in no way reflected in my opinion of this book.

The World On Fire is a fast paced thrill ride into the dark ,seedy underbelly of America. This story is disturbing and horrific wrapped up for us in a big psychotic bow made from blood and bits. I was hooked from the first page and the action never slowed down. The characters are well written and for the most part gruesomely evil with the exceptions being David, a reporter who is being held hostage, and the FBI agents assigned to stop The Angel Of Death's bloody rampage. I really liked both David and Agent Locke Wright. They were very different characters but both sympathetic in their own way. My only complaint with this book is that it didn't have an ending that was as explosive and exciting as the rest of the book. Even so I would still highly recommend this fun and terrifying 4 star read.

About the Author

Sheldon Woodbury is an award winning writer (books, short stories, screenplays, and plays) who writes mostly in the dark fantasy and horror field. His book, Cool Million, is considered the go to guide on writing high concept movies. His horror short stories have been featured on Popcorn Fiction (Mulholland Books), Horror Novel Reviews, Hellnotes, Gothic City Press, and published in the anthologies, Cultists, Charlatans & Clerics (Gothic City Press), One Hellacious Halloween (Horror Novel Reviews), Bones 2 (James Ward Kirk Publishing), and Shots of Terror (Angelic Knight Press). During the day he teaches screenwriting at New York University. At night, after the kids are in bed, he writes scary stories for adults.