Monday, September 14, 2015

Bonesy by Mark Rigney [4.5 stars]

From the Description:

Bones on the run!

When Reverend Renner’s mentor gives him a brass rubbing of a skeleton, nick-named Bonesy, a chain of calamity ensues. Bonesy breaks free from its frame and begins a violent, chaotic search for––what? It’s up to Renner and his investigative partner, ex-linebacker Dale Quist, to uncover Bonesy’s spectral motives. Bonesy takes Renner & Quist on their most treacherous, rollicking supernatural adventure yet, a journey that will lead them from the ghost of Carole Lombard to the fens of Tudor England. And the books they find along the way are not the sort you can judge by their cover.

I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. This is in no way reflected in my opinion of this book.

Bonesy is the fourth part of the Renner and Quist series and part five can't come out soon enough. I adore these stories!! This book takes you by the hand and lures you into the world of Bonesy, a brass rubbing taken from a centuries old memorial of a witch,,, or was she??? The story is fun and spooky but also has some very dark moments for our intrepid ghost hunters. I love the twists that this book has and the cast of characters who come together to solve the mysteries, this time there's not just one. Everyone from the ghost of Carole Lombard to a haunted toaster that gives messages from beyond. I really enjoy the way that Renner and Quist's friendship is developing and that the characters become more real with every story. I can't wait to visit Traverse City and my new favorite duo again! A fast paced and fun 4.5 star read.

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