Friday, April 24, 2015

Last Of The Albatwitches by Brian Keene [5 stars]

From the description:

Fan favorite ex-Amish occult detective Levi Stolzfus, the star of Ghost Walk and A Gathering of Crows, returns in two novellas of demons and monsters!

The Witching Tree

In the woods of Pennsylvania there is a clearing with only one lone tree in the center. And from that tree, there comes only death.
Levi has been brought in to investigate the mysterious killings. In doing so, he must face a force much older than mankind-an evil that will threaten to take his life and faith.

The Last of the Albatwitches

There's an old legend about the forest surrounding Chickies Rock - how it's the home to a reclusive race of Sasquatch-like creatures known as the Albatwitches. But after a recent murder, Levi suspects there might be some truth to the stories.
Now he must race against both the Cryptid Hunters reality television team and a squad of private security contractors from the mysterious Globe Corporation, to unravel the source of the legend and determine what manner of monster has turned the forest into a killing ground.

As a longtime Brian Keene fan I couldn't wait to read more of Levi Stolzfus's adventures. I wasn't disappointed! The first novella in this book, The Witching Tree, was creepy and disturbing. It showed that even Levi has moments of self-doubt and that some Evils may be far too costly to vanquish. The Last Of The Albatwitches gets to the truth behind a local legend and proves that human evil can be just as difficult to face. Both of the novellas in this book were fast paced and super fun reads that foreshadow an apocalyptical event that Levi will have to face in the future. I can't wait for more!! Last Of The Albatwitches is a must read for any Brian Keene fan. A solid 5 star read.