Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Lurkers by Kristopher Rufty [4 stars]

From the Description:

They’re waiting for you in the woods.

They’ve lived in the woods and cornfields for as long as anyone can remember. Small, humanoid creatures with sharp teeth and grasping hands. The people in what’s left of the nearby town live in fear. They’ve learned that if they let the creatures take what they want, they won’t be attacked. An uneasy peace has reigned. But no more. The leader of the creatures has decided his kind will be dormant no longer. To survive, they must kill. They will satisfy their unholy hunger with their favorite prey—humans. But some humans—females—will be kept alive in captivity… to breed.

The Lurkers is a fun, fast paced novel full of thrills and chills, and things that make you go ewww. The characters are believable and fun, even the Haunchies. Kristopher Rufty knows how to bring the chills and keeps you entertained  is this creepy and sometimes horrific book. A solid 4 star read.