Saturday, February 7, 2015

Castle By The Sea: What Waits In The Shadows by JG Faherty [3.5 stars]

From the Description:

How did they get here? Will they ever get out?

Jason and Erika are having a wonderful time at the Halloween carnival...until their swan boat in the Tunnel of Love capsizes amid heavy waves and blaring, maniacal laughter. When they come to they are no longer in a carnival in Ohio, but standing at the edge of a sea in a raging storm. In the distance, atop a high, barren hill, looms an enormous castle.
Instead of answers, Jason and Erika find only more impossibilities within the stone walls. The lavish rooms are lit only by torches and fireplaces, the decorations and furniture are a century out of date, and the mysterious host claims to not own one of those newfangled telephone inventions. Outside, in the storm and the dense mist, lurk strange, threatening figures. Inside, another couple seeking refuge think it must all be a nightmare. Perhaps it is. Or perhaps it’s something much, much worse.

This book grabbed me right away. Jason was a great character and I felt very connected to him right away. I wish that I had felt that way about a few of the other characters but this really didn't take too much away from the story. The parts of the story that had to do with the castle were fabulous! They were atmospheric and engaging. The Professor was a creepy character that ended up being almost sympathetic. The thing that threw me off was the sudden jumps of time and place. That being said the ending was great. This is a good read but not my favorite by JG Faherty. A solid 3.5 stars.