Tuesday, January 20, 2015

From The Deep by Michael Bray [4.5 stars]

From the Description:

Something has awoken.
Roused from its slumber following an Antarctic ice quake, an immense beast has risen from the depths. Dwarfing even the mighty blue whale, the gargantuan wonder of evolution takes charge of the oceans, setting a catastrophic chain of events in motion.
Henry Rainwater is a rookie crab fisherman trying to make his own way in life. After surviving an encounter with the beast which sees his father and the rest of the crew of their family boat killed, Rainwater becomes a recluse, deathly afraid of the creature which lurks in the ocean.
The only man that believes Rainwater is Andrews, an ambitious scientist charged by the government to investigate the existence of the creature. Rainwater soon finds out that Andrews has different motivations for locating the beast.
Driven to find his redemption and clear his name, Henry must overcome his terror and set out to sea in order to track down and kill the creature, in the hope of finding it before Andrews and his unhinged superior, Russo can put their own plan into action, one which could have terrible repercussions for the entire human race…

From The Deep is a pulse pounding thrill ride that hooks you from the first page. Fans of sea stories, creature features, and the Deadliest Catch will want to grab this book! The characters are believable and I really wanted them to make it back to land safely. The creature is terrifying but not as much a villain as Russo and a few others on his team. The ending was exciting and left me wanting to read more. I hope that there is a part two!! A fun and fast paced 4.5 star read.