Saturday, January 17, 2015

After Life by Daniel Ionson [3 stars]

From the Description:

~Dark Age fantasy shrouded in mystery and horror~ Fear erupts in the nation of Gaescea when Seer Mecas returns heralding a cryptic doom, and Kaemen and his fellow warrior-elites, the Wolfhounds, make ready for war. But Kaemen discovers that the kingdom’s preparations were for naught when he awakes in a realm far more harrowing than the battlefield, for they have crossed over into the Land of the Dead. Now Kaemen must fight for the salvation of Gaescea, knowing all the while that he is being hunted by damnation.

This novel started out so slowly for me. I thought I would be giving it a much lower star rating than I ended up giving it. Not because it wasn't well written but because I felt very disconnected from both the storyline and the characters for the first half of the book. At the halfway mark the story picked up and at about 70% I was hooked. The ending was really great, if only the beginning had been. 3 stars.