Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Zombie Armageddon Box Set: 1 & 2 by Ian Woodhead [ 4 stars ]

From the Description:


The few law-abiding citizens left alive in Breakspear Gardens have locked their doors and shut the curtains on this Friday night. They dare not venture out after the sun goes down. The druggies, drunks, and feral kids rule the streets in the roughest housing project in northern England - a place where anything can be had, at a low price - the neighborhood you never want to live in.

Tonight, the streets are strangely quiet. Headaches, nausea, and sickness are targeting criminals and residents alike. The untainted soon discover the horror of their plight, as their friends, families, and neighbors begin to die ... and are reborn as voracious, ravening beasts!

A small group of desperate survivors battle their way through hordes of blood-crazed zombies, trying to reach help just beyond the boundary of the estate, only to find soldiers at every exit, shooting anything that moves.

Can this dwindling group of terrified survivors avoid the newly-dead and win their way to freedom? They need to find a way out, and fast, before the authorities' weapons vaporize the area, transforming Breakspear into Hell on Earth!


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Stockholm Club.

Have we got a special treat for you tonight! We're privileged to have with us, a highly talented county and western singer, all the way from exotic Birmingham. I know that you'll give the lad a fantastic Yorkshire welcome.

Don't forget, the first drink is on the house.

Now before all you geriatric parasites slouch over to the bar and start making your way through my alcohol, I'd just also like to mention that there is a chance that some of my staff may turn into flesh eating zombies as the night wears on.

In fact, I think I can confidently predict that most of you will resemble jackal stripped zebra carcasses before the dawn sun makes an appearance.

So please enjoy tonight's live entertainment and drink like there's no tomorrow. Let's face it; you ain't going to be seeing it.

The first two books in the Zombie Armageddon series by Ian Woodhead were a fun, fast paced read.

Book One The Unwashed Dead was fast paced and fun. While most of the characters are unlikable, a few stand out. This book took a page from George R.R. Martin, my favorite characters were dropping like flies. Good start to the series. 3.5 stars.

Book Two Walking With Zombies was fast paced and fun also. The characters were a little more sympathetic than in part one. Loved Dominic, a great character that bakes a mean pie! I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. A solid 4 star read.

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