Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wolf's Cut by W.D. Gagliani [ 4.5 stars]

From the description:

The Nick Lupo Series Book Five.

Horror, Thriller, Crime/Suspense, and Urban Fantasy combine for one explosive mix! Urban Fantasy fans who crave edgy, graphic horror elements especially will want to take note of this series.

Nick Lupo: A cop, a werewolf...and a target!

Homicide detective--and werewolf--Nick Lupo is hoping to finally have a chance to focus his attentions on the woman he loves, instead of the Wolfpaw mercenary werewolves who tried so hard to kill him. Lupo survived that battle--barely--and brought down Wolfpaw. But Wolfpaw was backed by a super secret group within the Pentagon whose sinister plan is already in motion. And a new enemy has set its sights on the local casino. Nick Lupo thought he was home free, but whenever he tries to get out, they drag him back in...

Wolf's Cut is fourth novel following the Bram Stoker Award-nominated novel Wolf's Trap, so it is the fifth in the savage series of horror/thrillers about the werewolf/cop. These "North Woods Noirs" are set mostly in the wilds of Northern Wisconsin, where werewolf legends abound and the moon paints the treetops silver. Warning: adult content. The next book in the series will arrive in 2015.

Nick Lupo is an old-school guy, a cop that sometimes bends the rules to protect himself and those he cares about, and a werewolf. In short he is one bad-assed hero that isn't afraid of anything! In a world full of monsters who have lost their teeth the Nick Lupo Series is a refreshing change back to real horror. If your a fan of werewolves, horror or just neo-noir do yourself a favor and check out these books! A fast paced and fun read. 4.5 stars.