Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Things Slip Through by Kevin Lucia [ 4.5 stars ]

From the book description:

Meet Chris Baker, the new sheriff of the quiet Adirondack town of Clifton Heights. As one inexplicable case after another forces him to confront the townsfolk in The Skylark Diner, it’s the furtive Gavin Patchett that hands Chris a collection of not-so-fictional short stories that tumbles him into a world of sliding monsters, ageless demons and vengeful citizens.
As Chris reads through the stories the veil starts to lift, and he soon questions what is real and what’s not, and whether he really wants to know.
Nothing will ever be the same again.

So welcome to Clifton Heights, New York, an average Adirondack town, and nice enough in its own right. Except after dark, under the pale light of the moon. Or on a road out of town that never ends, or in an old house on the edge of town with a will of its own.

Maybe you shouldn't have left the interstate, my friend. But you saw our sign, turned down our road, figuring on a short stay. And maybe it will be.

Or maybe you'll never leave.

While you’re here, pay a visit to The Skylark Diner. Pull up a chair and I'll tell you about our town. It's nice enough, honestly. Except after dark. Or on cold winter days when you're all alone...

Most of the time I prefer novels to short stories because you can get lost in a novel much faster and easier. Short stories are usually delicious little bites for a busy day. That wasn't the case with Things slip through. Told much like Tales From The Darkside, The Movie or Creepshow Kevin Lucia takes you to the town of Clifton Heights and introduces you to some truly memorable characters. The stories are woven together in such a way it feels like a really great novel, filled with people you come to care about that pop up when your not expecting it. The end of the book had my heart breaking, no small feat for a horror novel. I can't wait to see what Kevin Lucia comes up with next!! An amazing 4.5 star read.

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