Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Wrath by David Robbins [ 4 stars ]

From the Description:

Curse of the pharaohs. From the silent tombs of the pharaohs it came, infecting the world with an insidious disease more terrifying than the Black Plague. The vile infection transformed those it touched into savage, demented beasts. But the victims of this ancient curse did not die, they overran the earth, thriving on the meat of the healthy. Survivors had two options: contract the hideous sickness, or meet a violent death in the rabid jaws of an inhuman killer,,,,

This is a fast paced, fun book!! Part Indiana Jones part 28 Days Later. Although a bit dated at times, I loved the sarcastic humor in this book. The characters were fairly realistic and the horror was over the top. A super fun read! A solid 4 stars.