Monday, December 8, 2014

The Walking Dead:Fall Of The Governor by Robert Kirkman [4 stars]

From the Description:

The Walking Dead original novel series, set in the universe of Robert Kirkman's iconic universe, continues with The Fall of the Governor. From co-authors Kirkman, creator of the Eisner Award-winning comic book and executive producer of AMC's blockbuster TV series, and Jay Bonansinga, Stoker Award-finalist and internationally acclaimed author, comes the gripping third novel in this richly woven, page-turning literary saga, which began with The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor.

In Rise of the Governor, uber-villain Philip Blake journeyed from his humble beginnings directly into the dark heart of the zombie apocalypse, and became the self-proclaimed leader of a small town called Woodbury. In The Road to Woodbury, an innocent traveler named Lilly Caul wound up in the terrifying thrall of Phillip Blake’s twisted, violent dictatorship within Woodbury’s ever tightening barricades.

And now, in The Fall of the Governor, the Governor’s complex story continues in a tour de force of action and horror. Iconic characters from the comic book, including Rick, Michonne and Glenn, finally make their entrance onto this nightmarish stage, and fans of The Walking Dead will see these characters in a whole new light.

As a huge fan of The Walking Dead TV show I have greedily devoured all of the books in this series. The world of the novels is much darker than that of the show which I really like. It allows for more reality in how the characters act and react to the world around them. I haven't read the comics so the back story that you get for some of my favorite characters is welcome. My one complaint would be that the book was to short! Looking forward to part two! A good read, 4 stars.

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