Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Shark by Craig Anthony Ferreira [4 stars]

From the description:

Jason Williams an investigatory journalist, finds himself on a twisting and potentially dangerous path of mysterious and bloodcurdling events as he delves deeper into a story of a honeymoon couple's strange disappearance from the sleepy town of Gans Bay, situated 100 km from the southernmost tip of the African continent.

The remote fishing village has of late, become the center of a burgeoning great white shark cage dive industry, and against logic and rational judgment , he is drawn into a tangle of murder and mystery where the reality facing him is more grim than he could have ever anticipated in his wildest dreams.

Down in the deep, propelling her heavy spindled shaped body though the frigid waters of the Cape, is the Submarine, the legendary Great White Shark everyone thought was long dead and gone…….

Frank Boon, a Great White Shark scientist, finds himself caught between trying to protect the shark or possibly having to kill it due to public pressure. Mace Jones, a retired monster shark fisherman joins the witch-hunt of what is said to be the "largest white shark ever sighted" The hunt is staged after a series of horrific shark attacks.

Fear grips all involved as the obscured reality of death and malevolence slowly unravel to a showdown between man and beast.

Meanwhile, Jason Williams is still trying to unravel the mystery of the vanishing tourists.

It is always a pleasant surprise to find a shark novel where the author knows about sharks. That is definitely the case with The Shark. The story line is both plausible and engrossing, with characters ( including the shark ) that draw you in and make you root for them. By the end of the book I was rooting for both the shark hunters and the shark, which was an odd place to be. I think the ending really fit with the rest of the story, with all the loose ends nicely tied up. I don't know if I would consider The Shark a horror story although the elements were certainly there, but it is a book worth reading. A solid 4 stars.

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