Monday, December 8, 2014

The Bank Of The River by Michael Richan [4.5 stars]

From the Description:

Steven is anticipating a quiet sabbatical. Instead he endures nightly hauntings of grisly apparitions that leave him thinking he must be hallucinating. With a recent divorce and a son in college, he’s on his own trying to deal with the knockings and ghostly visions that leave him terrified each night. He’s determined to find a rational explanation. Steven’s father Roy offers to help and soon Steven discovers that Roy has dormant supernatural skills. Steven’s natural skepticism clashes with Roy’s “gift” as they try to solve the mysteries inside Steven’s house. Ultimately they uncover things that are much more sinister and evil than either expected, and as they work to correct the mistakes of the past Steven discovers that his own future may lie down the same path as his father. The Bank of the River is a fast-paced and thrilling horror novel that explores the supernatural gifts some people have, a father’s rediscovery of those gifts, and a son’s destiny to accept them.

I read this book in just a few hours. What a great book! Fast paced with characters that make you care about them. A perfect ghost story! I would highly recommend it, 4.5 stars.

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