Monday, December 8, 2014

Strings by Allison M. Dickson [3.5 stars ]

From the Description:

Allison M. Dickson presents a chilling tale of entrapment and greed. Do you have freedom? Do you have control? After four years of turning tricks in a mob-run New York brothel to pay off a debt, Nina is ready to go back to a quiet life in Iowa. Just one more client and the whole nightmare will be behind her, but this last trick turns into a battle for her soul. Meanwhile, the brothel's sadistic Madam has been hiding away money in order to move up in her family's organization, and she only wants the half million dollars the reclusive millionaire pays for the girls. But her driver Ramón has other ideas, making off with the money left behind when Nina's last trick goes unexpectedly awry. The theft comes at a great cost to the Madam, setting off a horrific chain of events that changes them all. The hooker. The driver. The Madam. All of them on a collision course to a place where only madness holds sway. Who is pulling your Strings?

Nina was a druggie that made the mistake of crossing the wrong people. Now she is working off her debt by being a prostitute for "Madam". Once her debt is paid, she wants out. But, that doesn't please Madam. But, a deal is a deal. So, Madam arranges for Nina to service one more client. An eccentric billionaire. The payoff would be enough for Nina to start her life over again. So, she jumps at the chance. Needless to say she will come to regret that decision. What she finds at the Ballas house is straight out of a horror movie.

A fast paced story line that drags you along for the ride. You really feel bad for Nina, but most of the other characters are hard to sympathize with. Strings holds your attention, and makes you hold your breath in parts ( the puppets!). Good for a first novel. I look forward to seeing what else Ms. Dickson has up her sleeve. A solid 3.5 stars read.

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