Monday, December 8, 2014

Rockabilly Limbo by William W. Johnstone[3.5 stars]

From the Description:

The killing has just begun,,,
A tide of violence is tearing across America, pitting mother against daughter, father against son, brother against brother. Amid the rioting, looting and killing, pulpit-pounding preachers take to the airwaves, screaming that it's the end of the world. Rock and roll has become the dance of death, just as they'd always predicted. Evil walks among us. Armageddon is NOW.

God-fearing ex-deputy sheriff "Cole" Younger doesn't believe that. Along with a priest, an ex-marine and a beautiful woman, he's on the run across a land that's quickly turning into a hell on earth.

Because if it isn't the dark forces of evil causing the ghostly music and madness,,, Who- or what- is?

A fast paced run across a war-torn country. Cole and his family and friends must fight for their lives. Fun in a B-movie kind of way.
I love William W. Johnstone's work in most cases, and while this book has very little in common with part 1 ( Rockabilly Hell ) it still isn't as good as most of his books. 3.5 stars.

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