Monday, December 8, 2014

Rockabilly Hell by William W. Johnstone [2 stars]

From the Description:

From Cairo to Vicksburg, along Route 61, they lit up the night with the sounds of wailing voices and twanging guitars. All the greats played at roadside clubs filled with smoke, sex, and a driving beat,,, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash. These jive joints are now a thing of the past. Or are they? A sheriff's deputy has just stumbled on to a mystery that will take him into the cheating heart of Rockabilly Hell.

In the last forty years, over five hundred people have disappeared along that particular stretch of highway. Now Deputy Jesse " Cole " Younger and a beautiful reporter named Kattie Baylor have entered the doors of one of those lost clubs to find what waits within,,,, and to face what waits beyond.... Hell!!

While I normally really like William W. Johnstone's books this one just missed the mark. It reads like one of the Satanist cult made for TV movies you would see in the 80's, only less fun. Between the ghosts ( Who weren't very scary even though they were " So bad that the Devil didn't want them in hell ) to the snuff film/ kiddie porn making rednecks and politicians, and the storms of bodily waste ( Yup, it rains poo ) this book is by far one of the worst Johnstone's I've ever read.

I'd like my time back please! 2 stars.

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