Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Rat Island by Derek A. Barrass [ 3 stars ]

From the description:

A steam driven freighter en route to England heads for the shelter of a group of mid Atlantic Islands owing to an approaching storm, the captain drops anchor in the calm waters of a bay off an uninhabited island. He decides to take advantage of their stop-over to replenish stocks of wood and water while they are waiting for the storm to pass. The crews of the boats which go ashore to obtain their needs, escape in the nick of time when they are attacked by giant flesh-eating rats as they push off from the beach. They joke about how lucky they were to escape as they row back to their vessel, but unknown to them, other rats had already stowed away on their boats when they were left unattended. The ship returns to their home port believing they have had a very successful voyage, but when the crew leaves and silence descends, many rats venture ashore in search of a new land to colonize. And so begins a reign of terror for the local human population, when the rats decide it is time to search for fresh meat, neither man nor beast is safe from these savage creatures.

I normally love things that involve boats and adventure, if you throw in mad attacking animals I'm over the moon with happiness. Not so much with Rat Island. While the story idea was great, the book could have used the help of a good editor. I loved the character development but longed for some more action from the rats. I'm terrified of rats so this story had a lot of potential to scare the pants off of me, unfortunately it fell short of the mark. I think the author, Derek A. Barrass has the potential to be a really good writer. I hope to read better works from him in the future. Worth a look. 3 stars.

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