Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Project Maigo by Jeremy Robinson [ 4.5 stars ]

From the Description:


Jon Hudson, head of the Department of Homeland Security's Fusion Center - Paranormal division, is haunted by Boston's destruction at the hands of Nemesis, a three-hundred-foot tall monster with the heart of a murdered little girl, Maigo. In the time since Boston fell and Nemesis retreated to the ocean's depths, Hudson has helped prepare the United States against future attacks. But no one is prepared for what rises from the depths.


Five Kaiju attack cities and consume the world's citizens in an unstoppable rampage around the globe. But it soon becomes apparent that these attacks aren't all random events. Hudson is targeted, putting the FC-P headquarters, known as the Crow's Nest, and his team, in the very large crosshairs. General Lance Gordon, a man who carries Nemesis's vengeful heart in his chest, directs the Kaiju, and when Hudson finds protection from an unlikely source, the General turns his attention to his next target.


While Gordon and his Kaiju storm toward Washington D.C., Hudson, along with his team and some new and unusual allies, race to stand in their path, hoping to spare the nation-and the world-from destruction. But salvation at the end of all things will come only through the gravest of sacrifices.

Kaiju (怪獣 kaijū?) is a Japanese word that literally translates to "strange creature." The word has been translated and defined in English as "monster" To me Kaiju means a whole load of destructive, edge of your seat fun, Especially if it's a Jeremy Robinson book! Project Maigo picks up a few years in the future from Project Nemesis with lots of monstery goodness. We're also treated to the reappearance of some of our favorite characters from Island 731. A fast paced fun read. I couldn't put it down!! If your a fan of Godzilla, or Pacific Rim, or just giant rampaging monsters you need to grab this book. A great 4.5 star read!

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