Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Prip'yat: The Beast Of Chernobyl by Mike Kraus [ 2.5 stars]

From the book description:

From author Mike Kraus, creator of the bestselling Final Dawn series, comes a new book: Prip'Yat: The Beast of Chernobyl Two Spetsnaz officers are dropped into the ghost city of Prip'Yat and tasked with investigating mysterious disturbances around the city and the nearby Chernobyl power plant.... Unaware of the special forces operation, two cousins from Kiev sneak away and travel to Prip'Yat under the cover of night, excited to finally explore and experience the forbidden place.... And the abandoned city, a shadow has stirred. A new book from bestselling author Mike Kraus, "Prip'Yat: The Beast of Chernobyl" is a horror/adventure tale that takes place in the ghost city of Prip'Yat and the nearby disaster zone of Chernobyl.

The beginning of this novel was really good. The story drew me in and made me want to know more. But then we got to the part with the beast,,, scary until it was described. After that point it just didn't work, sort of like the methods of fighting it. Then the end just kind of fizzled out without letting you know what happened. Disappointing book, 2.5 stars.