Monday, December 8, 2014

Of A Feather by Ken Goldman [ 4.5 stars ]

From the Description:

Socrates has a gift, a power even he doesn't fully understand. But old Gert, who feeds the pigeons in Gustav's Park, understands. Pretty Jamie, who works at the Bird Emporium, understands. And the old Indian chief who wears a strange, two-sided bird mask, he understands too. As does the ancient, angry spirit called the Thunderbird and about a million of Wellington County's feathered creatures... They know what Socrates Singer really is. And they know what he can do...

Take one part Christine add one part The Birds, throw in the legend of the Thunderbird and you have yourself a fast paced, fun read that you can't put down! With sympathetic characters and hilariously sarcastic humor your in for a real treat. A great book that I would highly recommend. A solid 4.5 stars.

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