Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Malevolence Thy Name Is Karen by Joan Sample [ 1 star ]

From the description:

What if you discovered that your newborn’s soul was replaced by a demon moments before its birth? Not just any demon, but one whose only purpose is to bring about the dissolution of God's living creatures. It is said that Satan himself smiles on this murderous being. Lamashtu is the demon's mother, and she is an ancient Mesopotamian entity of evil. Lamashtu was assigned the task to give birth to an unholy spirit that kills the soul of newborns moments before he or she is supposed to be born, and replaces their soul with one of its own—a soul stealer. Karen Ann Murphy is that soul stealer. If Karen Ann devotes her life to the slaughter of God’s children then she is granted another life when her current one is over. Each reincarnated life must be filled with bloodshed. Karen Ann is unadulterated evil!

Horrible!! If you crossed a Dick and Jane primer with The Bad Seed you would have this book. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I almost didn't post a review because I do respect how hard authors work, but then I noticed ALL of the reviews were great so I felt some honesty from a horror lover was needed. If I had bought this I would have been so pissed at wasting my money! I want my time back!! Don't waste your time with this one, and if you do don't say you weren't warned.