Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lost In The Dark by Joe Mynhardt [ 3.5 stars]

From the Description:

You might've told others that you're not, but deep down you know it's not over yet - you're still scared of the dark.
If you are, reading this book could be therapeutic. Perhaps.
And if you're not scared of the dark, it might be better to stay away from Joe Mynhardt's Lost in the Dark, just in case those repressed childhood memories come tumbling out of the dark.
Expect tales filled with whatever the dark corners of your room could hold: demons, ghosts, zombies, evil elves, a demented Santa, an African werewolf breed called the Hyeon, a cannibal and a horde of unnameable creatures; I could tell you their names, but I'd rather not risk summoning them.

The Great Wall of Rubin: Rubin's story is one of tragedy and addiction. As a recovering alcoholic on the verge of falling back into old habits, he decides to join an Alcoholics Anonymous group. Certain feelings and memories are brought to light, which forces Rubin to face his demons, which are all waiting for him on the drive home. Expect heart-wrenching revelations and visually disturbing scenes that will stay with you long after you've read the story.

Beyond the Ornate Tree: Jim is scared of Christmas. Don't ask him why, he really doesn't know. That's why he had himself committed to an insane asylum, where Doctor Brown will unlock Jim's childhood memories, and reveal the source of his fear. What they both discover will leave you shocked and repulsed. You might even fear Christmas after reading this disturbing 1st person story.

Portico: Portico follows five friends to an abandoned observatory-turned-theatre on top of a deserted hill. The history of the building and its surroundings motivates them to break into the building, especially after they noticed something odd staring at them from one of the windows. Inside the building, their fears and friendships are put to the test as the building's occupants come to life. As the reader you will get to know all five characters personally, only to see the life ripped out of some as they die in horrific circumstances. The final pages will leave you breathless.

The Way Back: Thomas Sanders is a veteran paranormal investigator, who has quite a disliking for fancy gadgets and unnecessary technological advances. His wife, on the other hand, loves them. One night Thomas accompanies a group of young ghost hunters through the Eastern State Penitentiary, where he stumbles onto an event that could change the world and leave millions dead, starting with his family.

Fashionably Undead: Fashionably Undead follows poor old Rupert to a fashion show with his wife (Guess who the models are). Rupert is tired of watching his wife flirt with her boss, he's tired of her fashion industry job, and he's tired of his own stay-at-home-daddy life. One more fashion show is all it takes to send him over the edge.

Come All to the River of Death: Henry Taylor needs one great photo to establish himself as a great ghost hunter, or so he believes. In his search for this paranormal evidence, he ends up neglecting his wife, and decides to break the law by entering the old abandoned house. Inside he finds out exactly what happened as he strolls blindly into his worst nightmare.

Rise, Dead Man: You shouldn't steal from the dead. Someone should've told Gerrit that. This chilling story follows drug-addicted Gerrit as he first tries to score his next hit, then fights to rid himself of a haunting presence. Is his drug-induced mind playing tricks on him, or is the old man he robbed taking over?

The Nature of the Beast: Ethan's older brother was brutally murdered, and he's looking for the killer. Ethan sneaks out of the house of his grieving parents and faces his own inadequacies as he enters the park where the killer is believed to be hiding. But this is no ordinary killer he's after. Will Ethan be able to stand up for himself, to fill the void his older brother always occupied? Or will he just be another victim?

This collection of short stories introduced me to Joe Mynhardt, and I'm so glad it did. Most of the stories here are really good. More than a few were great. If you like the things that go bump in the night (and sometimes the day) check out this book! Fast paced and fun read! 3.5 stars.

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