Monday, December 8, 2014

Kin by Kealan Patrick Burke [4 stars]

From the Description:

On a scorching hot summer day in Elkwood, Alabama, Claire Lambert staggers naked, wounded, and half-blind away from the scene of an atrocity. She is the sole survivor of a nightmare that claimed her friends, and even as she prays for rescue, the killers -- a family of cannibalistic lunatics -- are closing in.

A soldier suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder returns from Iraq to the news that his brother is among the murdered in Elkwood.

In snowbound Detroit, a waitress trapped in an abusive relationship gets an unexpected visit that will lead to bloodshed and send her back on the road to a past she has spent years trying to outrun.

And Claire, the only survivor of the Elkwood Massacre, haunted by her dead friends, dreams of vengeance... a dream which will be realized as grief and rage turn good people into cold-blooded murderers and force alliances among strangers.

It's time to return to Elkwood.

Fans of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Wrong Turn, or The Hills Have Eyes will enjoy this book. A great read! Starts out where most slasher books ( and movies ) end to tell what happens next. My only complaint is the ending is kind of abrupt, but there is room for a sequel. I definitely hope there is one!