Monday, December 8, 2014

Inheritance by Joe McKinney [ 4 stars ]

From the Description:

Paul Henninger is a rookie cop on San Antonio's troubled East Side, where every night is a war against the gangs and the drug dealers. But Paul has a dark past, and a dark inheritance.

The ghost of Martin Henninger has returned to make sure his son, Paul, delivers on his apocalyptic charge, the result of Martin's black magic, and he’s killing everyone in his path.

With his two worlds colliding, and the body count stacking up, Paul soon finds himself the lead suspect in a series of grisly cult-style killings, and in an emotional standoff between duty, the truth, his wife, and his dead family.

Meanwhile, Keith Anderson, San Antonio's best homicide detective, is hot on Paul's heels. His investigation takes him deep into the secrets of Paul's family. But what he finds there just might kill them both.

As a homicide detective for the San Antonio Police Dept. you expect Mr. McKinney to get the police procedures spot on and he does, what you don't expect is the depth of his characters or the amount of realism he gives their problems. Inheritance was a great book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So now you may wonder why only 4 stars,,, The book was printed in the smallest letters possible. Not so great for your reading pleasure. So while I would whole heartedly recommend this book I would also caution you to be prepared for some eyestrain. If it were not for the size of the type I would have went with a 4.5 stars, but unfortunately because of it I can only give it 4 stars.