Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hammurabi Road by Steve Vernon [4 stars]

From the Description:

Hammurabi Road is a dark tale of retribution, backwoods justice, and getting closer to a black bear than was ever dreamed possible.

We start off with the eternal triangle - three men ride out in a pick-up truck; two in front and one duct-taped in the back. It's a clear cut case of Northern Ontario railroad vengeance, served up as cold as a frozen hunting knife.

And from there things take a turn towards the weird.

How weird?

Let's put it this way. If you enjoyed the movie FARGO, you will definitely dig HAMMURABI ROAD.

Or, as Irvin would put it - "We eat what we kill out here and we apologize to no one who doesn't deserve it."

This novella is NOT for those folks who are easily offended.

I wasn't familiar with Steve Vernon before I read this, but I will be looking for more of his writing in the future! This novella had me laughing out loud for the entire first half. I started to wonder if it was horror or comedy then I got to the second half,,, With murder and cannibalism it definitely was. Throw in a little Native spirit walking and you have yourself a fast paced, fun, slightly gruesome tale. I really enjoyed this novella, 4 stars.

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