Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Halfway House by Weston Ochse [ 4.5 stars ]

From the Description:

The Halfway House...a place shrouded in mystery...standing shunned and ignored...yet seeming to devour the souls of everyone who dies in San Pedro. Bobby epileptic loner from a Memphis orphanage who is on a journey to find out if he truly is...the son of the King of Rock and Roll. When Bobby's quest becomes entwined with an old surf bum and his estranged daughter, the 8th Street Angels, and a dicey porn director, he discovers that Los Angeles holds more opportunities and dangers than he could have imagined. Discovering he's at ground zero to a seventy-year-old spiritual curse, all the chaotic events in Bobby's life begin to circle back to the inscrutable force of the Halfway House...

I went into this story expecting a typical haunted house tale,,, I was so wrong! Bobby Dupree, an epileptic orphan has come to the small town of San Pedro looking for his father and a place to belong. He finds that love and belonging can come in some unexpected forms. Now he and his new family must save the souls of their loved ones from the evil that lives and hides in the Halfway House. Great characters and a tightly woven storyline make this a great read. Grab this 4.5 star read and enjoy!