Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Echoes by Michael Bray [ 4.5 stars ]

From the book description:

Seven years have passed… …since the fire at Hope House. Despite surviving, the lives of Steve and Melody Samson have changed for the worse. Steve has become a virtual recluse, while Melody is consumed by guilt, and sees in their son a constant reminder of the man Steve used to be. The town of Oakwell… …has become a tourist hotspot for paranormal enthusiasts, eager to learn more about the ‘Hope House Haunting’, becoming everything the residents of the once sleepy town fought so hard to prevent. Ambitious town councillor… …Henry Marshall has an idea to turn the unwanted attention on the town to his own advantage, by building a hotel on the site of Hope House. As construction begins… …the evil within Oakwell forest stirs. Influenced by the powerful Gogoku, Marshall becomes consumed with the need to draw Steve & Melody back to Oakwell, no matter the cost…

What a fabulous book!! After reading part one, Whispers, in this trilogy I already knew that Michael Bray was a writer to watch. With Echoes he has been moved into my authors I must read category! Echoes is much spookier than part one in this set. Several times I had to ask myself " WHY!?! WHY ARE THEY GOING BACK!?!? " and when I'm talking to my kindle you just know the book is a good one. I loved this one Mr. Bray, Great job!! A solid 4.5 star read. Grab this set!!

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