Monday, December 8, 2014

Danielle Tunstall Artist Extraordinaire

 Danielle Tunstall is a brilliant photographer and top notch artist. Her work is both beautifull and creepy at the same time. I was introduced to her work by Fatman Butter when I reviewed his book, Devil's Seed. I absolutely love her post-apocalyptical pieces. Her work can be found on many horror book covers, she also does portraits. You can find her on facebook , twitter
, and instagram . Also at her website

1. Tell me a little about yourself.
My name is Danielle Tunstall, I'm a photographer; specialising in portraiture, horror and science-fiction imagery. I don't have no posh studio i live on normal council estate in midlands ad shoot in garden, sunshine is my light :). I'm also a mum of two making work hard so i've spent years working into the night trying to make it as photographer.

2.Who or what inspired you to be an artist?
It wasn't so much me aspiring to be an artist, it was more a case of photography coming along and grabbing hold of me. I was working as a cleaner and to help support my kids, I was on the lookout for anything that might bring in a bit of extra money. I saw an on-line photo competition and having got a camera when pregnant to photograph the kids and getting net at same time thought would give it ago.
Out of 300 entrants, I came stone last. That woke up the competitive monster that lives within me. It also made me realize a good photo isn't just point and click. The next competition was to make food look yummy. I posed my daughter, with an “I want” look in her eye, hovering over a chocolate cake….and won!! the next competition was texture i lost 3 in a row, realised needed to think about it in a different way so covered the kids dad in mud mask waited for it to dry and crack and asked him to snarl, i not only won $500 for the comp another the images was spotted by company that work for playstation the bought 1 the images from shoot for $1,600 that bought me a new camera and a new sofa as ours was falling apart, from that day i gave up cleaning (still never been paid that much for photo haha) that was 4 years ago and to think was worried about spending £3 on mud mask and it ended up changing my life.

3. Can you tell us about any of your new work?
I'm currently working with a lot of amazing hip hop artists, i feel very lucky to be doing this as not only my fave music i can relate to there stories the way UK hip hop artists spit lyrics i spit out pictures i'm no good with words it's like i'm doing in imagery and trying to get out the same as what there rapping about, think this is why work well as team with artists like this, same goes as working for authors there creative in the same way.
I'm also working on film poster with some great names in the cast it's an honour, and going to be working on new TV show in LA very soon which is crazy, going to be photographing people i've grown up watching in films. i want to name names but never do and don't want to fait it lol.

4. Where do your ideas come from?
Some come totally out of the blue. I can be walking down a street, when I look at someone's face and see an image beyond the person. I been through a lot in my life only starting my career at 30, growing up suffered a lot of addiction problems and had very misspent youth, having my kids saved me from this no doubt if i hadn't had them i don't think i would be here now. every thing i do is for them and trying to make it as photographer is to give them a better life. So i guess most inspiration comes from loosing family and friends, doing some not so good things in my past and witnessing things i wish i hadn't. i also suffered from sleep paralysis from the age of 2, i think this has had some effect on my work.

5. What do you find most challenging and enjoyable as an artist?
When it comes to my work, the most challenging thing is putting un experienced models at ease and feel comfortable infront of camera, the hardest thing is getting the right expressions.

6. Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?
be your self don't imitate, photograph any thing and every thing till you find your passion, mine is faces, if you find yours you will be good at it no doubt.
Explore your inner-vision.
If there's a photographer in you then you will understand that.

7. What question do you wish someone would ask and what is the answer?

i would like dynamo magician to say would you like photoshoot with me.
YES please would love too

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