Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Code Zero by Jonathan Maberry [ 5 stars ]

From the description:

For years the Department of Military Sciences has fought to stop terrorists from using radical bioweapons—designer plagues, weaponized pathogens, genetically modified viruses, and even the zombie plague that first brought Ledger into the DMS. These terrible weapons have been locked away in the world’s most secure facility. Until now. Joe Ledger and Echo Team are scrambled when a highly elite team of killers breaks the unbreakable security and steals the world’s most dangerous weapons. Within days there are outbreaks of mass slaughter and murderous insanity across the American heartland. Can Joe Ledger stop a brilliant and devious master criminal from turning the Land of the Free into a land of the dead?

One of the worst things about reading a Jonathan Maberry book is that I know whatever book I read next is not going to be as good. I both love and hate to finish these books! With solid storylines and characters that you love Code Zero is no exception. This is a nail biting read that you wont want to put down. Along with the return of Joe Ledger and Echo team we also get a glimpse of Sam Imura,, Benny's big brother from the Rot & Ruin universe, and a hint of where the plague started. The action doesn't stop until the very end, so buckle up for a wild ride. A great 5 star read.

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