Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Below by Ryan Lockwood [ 3.5 stars ]

From the description:

In the bestselling tradition of Jaws, from the depths of the sea comes a new kind of terror.

In all his years as a professional diver, Will Sturman has never encountered a killing machine more ferocious than the great white shark or as deadly as the piranha. Now, off the coast of California, something is rising from the deep--and multiplying. Voracious, unstoppable, and migrating north, an ungodly life form trailed by a gruesome wake of corpses. With the help of the brilliant and beautiful oceanographer Valerie Martell, Will finds himself in a race against time to stop the slaughter--by a predator capable of devastating the world's oceans.

Pray it kills you quickly.

I love sea adventures, especially with killer sea-life. Below fit that description perfectly. A fast paced and fun read. The characters are funny and quirky much like the people you find living around boats. You quickly come to care for them and hold your breath when they are in danger. There were a few parts that made me groan a little( yes there are dangerous sharks on the coast of southern California, even though the book states otherwise! ) but overall it was a good read. A fun 3.5 stars.

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