Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Art by Matt Shaw & Michael Bray [4.5 stars]

From the Description:

WARNING: The following book has some scenes which some readers may find distressing. This novel is intended for a mature audience only.

Martin Andrews is in a rut. Tired of the daily grind of life as a police officer and with a heavily pregnant wife, he is disillusioned, desperate to give his unborn child a chance in a world in which he has lost all faith.

Little does Andrews know that amid the petty crimes and muggings, robbery and prostitution, a new threat is looming, one which will push Andrews to the very edges of his sanity.

His nemesis is a man without limits. A man with a grand idea for a great work; a masterpiece which will give him the recognition he craves, no matter the cost.

From the minds of Matt Shaw (Sick B*stards, Happy Ever After, The Cabin) & Michael Bray (Whisper, Funhouse, MEAT) comes ART. Told from the viewpoint of both killer (Shaw) and Detective (Bray), ART is a journey into the darkest, most twisted part of the human psyche.

Two authors. One ending.

When I was invited to join the group reading of Art on Goodreads in exchange for a free book I thought I knew what to expect. Having read and reviewed books for both of the authors previously I thought I had a handle on what I would find in this work. All I can say is I was so wrong!! This book is so much bleaker and more disturbing than what I expected. This book sank to new levels of intense depravity than any I had read by either writer. Great Job!! I may have nightmares from this one. If you enjoy your horror extreme GRAB THIS BOOK! Not for the squeamish!! A solid 4.5 stars!

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