Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Cribbins by R.H. Dixon [4 stars]

From the Description
He belonged in Hell, but lived next door!
A modern day ghost story of creeping dread...
While struggling to cope with the emotional and physical impact of being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, single mother Sophie Harrington is tormented by a man from her past: her old neighbor Ronnie Cribbins.
Cribbins has been dead for the past fifteen years and Sophie is faced with the possibility that his malevolent spirit could be the cause of her autoimmunity, because she can feel him attacking her senses from within.
Enlisting the help of her new neighbor Piotr KamiƄski, a troubled, younger man, with a dark past of his own, Sophie must look to her childhood in order to expose a secret she hadn’t realized she’d kept hidden. Because if she doesn’t recognize the truth, she, along with her eleven-year-old daughter, will be sucked into Cribbins’ cold, black, stinking world forever.
And in Cribbins’ world there’s no medication – just pain and sickness.
Publication Date: June 1, 2018
Publisher: Corvus Corone Press
Publication Length: 264 pages
I received a copy of this book as part of the Cribbins’ Blog Tour for review consideration. This is in no way reflected in my opinion of this novel. I did not receive any form of compensation for my review.
Cribbins is an eerie and very disturbing ghost story. Any parent knows the fears of not being able to keep your child safe. Anyone with health issues can tell you how frightening they can be. R.H. Dixon takes these fears to a whole other level by adding in a mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Sophie is a realistic and sympathetic character to follow as she deals with a devastating illness, worry for her little girl, and navigating her attraction to a man who has as many secrets as she’s repressing. Cribbins, both the character and the book, made my skin crawl. As a person, he’s the kind that makes you feel like you need a shower to wash the slime off just by talking to him. As a ghost he is pure evil. A suspenseful and gripping 4 star read.
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About the Author


R. H. Dixon is a horror enthusiast who, when not escaping into the fantastical realms of fiction, lives in the northeast of England with her husband and two whippets.
When reading and writing she enjoys exploring the darknesses and weaknesses within the human psyche, and she loves good strong characters that are flawed and put through their paces.
Her favorite authors include: Shirley Jackson, John Ajvide Lindqvist, Joe Hill, Ramsey Campbell and Stephen King.
When not reading and writing, she enjoys travelling (particularly wildlife-spotting jaunts involving bears, wolves and corvids), collecting animal skulls and drinking honey-flavored Jack Daniels.
You can find out more by checking out her Website, or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and GoodReads
Human and ghostly monsters terrify in R. H. Dixon's Cribbins, a well-written and effective novel of repressed memory and psychological torment.  - Review by Morbidly Beautiful
A novel of subtle, creeping-in-on-cat-feet, psychological and supernatural horror, as only the British can manage. This novel reminded me of Henry James' "Turn of the Screw," of the supernatural novels of Shani Struthers, and of the crime noir of Rachel Abbott.  - Review by The Haunted Reading Room
It was full of tension and suspense which enabled me to read it in one sitting. There was times that I was holding my breath wondering what would happen to Sophie when Cribbins visited her.  - Review by Terror-Tree
Dixon does a great job getting the reader into Sophie's mind! The characterization here is so complete that I not only felt I knew her, but also believed-immediately-that the feelings and ideas invading her mind were real. This novel really gets to the reader, psychologically, forcing you to think along unfamiliar lines. I found this to be an exciting new take on the way someone could be haunted.  Dixon did an excellent job of maintaining the suspense throughout the entire novel, and of weaving in little snippets of the past to keep the reader constantly thinking about how everything would end up connecting in the big picture.  The book captivated my attention from beginning to end, taking me mentally to places I would have never wished to go. Highly recommended.  - Review by Horror After Dark

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Alien Agenda Publishing 2018 Sampler [ 5 stars]

My review today is going to be a little different from the normal review you find here at Horror Maiden’s. That’s because instead of a novel or anthology today we’ll be talking about a new sampler available from Alien Agenda Publishing. The stories collected in this short book are a small taste of the wonderful tales that will be coming soon from this new publishing house. I have to say I can’t wait to get my hands on these upcoming books! The authors you’ll find in these pages know how to grab you and keep you flying through the pages,,, and leave you wanting more! Authors like Somer Canon, Michelle Garza & Melissa Lason, Mick Ridgewell, Glenn Rolfe, and David Bernstein. I’ve been lucky enough to read and review a few of the books from Alien Agenda. If you haven’t read them yet you are in for a treat. Especially with The Beast of Brenton Woods by Jackson R. Thomas, Land of Bones by Glenn Rolfe, and the upcoming novella The Skinner by David Bernstein. After the stories there is a fascinating round table interview with the authors as well as sample chapters from a few of the books. This is a tasty treat for horror fans and a great introduction to Alien Agenda Publishing. Highly recommended!
Don’t forget to check out the Alien Agenda Publishing website for more info!
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You can find my review HERE
You can find my review HERE
You can find my review HERE

Monday, August 6, 2018

Kill Hill Carnage by Tim Meyer [4.5 stars]

From the Description
These woods are dark and full of monsters…
In 1991, hell was unleashed upon Saint Christopher’s Summer Camp for Kids. The killers left behind piles of bodies and rivers of blood. Some say a family of inbred cannibals was responsible. A masked psychopath with a butcher's knife is another popular theory. Some still believe a camp counselor lost his mind and went crazy on everyone with an axe. But there’s also the mysterious, derelict factory that sits nearby, atop Kill Hill. A place where urban legends are manufactured, the grotesque and bizarre.
Twenty-five years later, the factory on Kill Hill is still said to be operational, but no one can get near it. It’s safely guarded along with the secrets within. But there are a few loose strings and hitman Frank Harmon has been sent to tie them up. His kill list is short, but the night is long and full of unspeakable horrors. With the help of a few college students on an impromptu camping adventure, Frank must contain the mess at Kill Hill before it spreads to the neighboring towns. Before it infects the entire country. Before it invades the entire world.
From the fantastical, high-octane mind of Tim Meyer, author of Sharkwater Beach and In the House of Mirrors, comes his most frightening tale yet! Summer camp this year is at your own risk.
Publication Date: July 15, 2018
Publisher: Sinister Grin Press
Publication Length: 286 pages
I received a copy of this book as part of the Kill Hill Carnage Publicity Tour for review consideration. This is in no way reflected in my opinion of this novel. I did not receive any form of compensation for my review. Follow along this tour with the hashtags: #KillHillCarnage If you would like to review Kill Hill Carnage or feature Tim with an interview or guest article for a media publication, blog, or author blurb, please e-mail Erin Al-Mehairi, publicist, at

Kill Hill Carnage is a rip-roaring run through a monster infested forest that will have you laughing maniacally from sheer joy. Take one part Island of Dr. Moreau and add it to one part Lovecraft shake liberally and strain it through a nightmare to find the creatures that haunt the woods around Camp Christopher and the not so abandoned factory. The characters fall into two camps,,, Those you want to see make it out alive, and those you hope meet a gloriously gruesome fate. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to find out who made it out alive in this splatter filled tale. A throwback to old-school horror this book is a thrilling and fun gorefest that I would recommend to horror fans everywhere. A solid 4.5 star read.
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About the Author

Tim Meyer dwells in a dark cave near the Jersey Shore. He’s an author, husband, father, podcast host, blogger, coffee connoisseur, beer enthusiast, and explorer of worlds. He writes horror, mysteries, science fiction, and thrillers, although he prefers to blur genres and let the stories fall where they may. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, GoodReads, or his Blog
“IN THE HOUSE OF MIRRORS is a great book! The sky is the limit for Tim Meyer.”  – Cedar Hollow Reviews
"Meyer kills it with his action scenes, his gore, and does a great job with a number of these characters."  - Glenn Rolfe, author of Blood and Rain and Becoming
"Author Tim Meyer really knows how to delve deep into his characters..."  - The Haunted Reading Room
"I highly recommend… to anyone wanting an engaging, bloody, fun story."  - Jeremy Hepler, author of The Boulevard Monster


Monday, July 30, 2018

The Nightcrawler by Mick Ridgewell [4 stars]

From the Description
Wherever you run…he’s waiting for you!
Scott Randall is a corporate VP on top of the world. To celebrate a massive new deal, he’s going to drive from Detroit to LA. But before he leaves, he makes a bad mistake. He cruelly dismisses a homeless panhandler on the street. Along the road, he swears he sees the panhandler again.
Then again.
And again.
Soon he sees the man—who calls himself the Nightcrawler—even in his dreams. No matter how frantically he tries, Scott can’t escape his relentless pursuer. He thought he was going to LA. But the Nightcrawler has a very different destination in mind.

Publication Date: July 6, 2018

Publisher: Alien Agenda Publishing

Publication Length: 264 pages


I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review consideration. This is in no way reflected in my opinion of this novel. I did not receive any form of compensation for my review.


The Nightcrawler is an odd little book. It starts off slowly and had me wondering where it was going. I have to say that I didn’t like Scott. He was an asshat of the highest order which made it harder to get into this book than it should have been. On the flip side I was really enjoying the story of Roger and his road trip from Vermont to the Grand Canyon, which kept me reading. I’m so glad it did! While this story doesn’t have the blood and gore I usually look for in a horror novel the supernatural elements along with Roger’s dreams of his death and his sister, plus the strange acting birds and worms give this novel an eerie atmosphere that I thoroughly enjoyed. The ending is entirely satisfying, tying everything up in one spooky package. A highly recommended 4 star read.


Proudly brought to you by Alien Agenda Publishing as part our #SummerofHorror series.
Grab your copy here: THENIGHTCRAWLER
Visit the Alien Agenda Publishing website for more on our books and authors: AAP
Or find us on Twitter @Alien_Pub
About the Author

Mick Ridgewell grew up watching Dark Shadows, The Twilight Zone, and The Outer Limits. These interests were not quite understood by his mechanic/athlete father and homemaker mother, but neither were they discouraged.
More recently Mick’s downtime has been filled with the likes of Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Richard Matheson. With idle hours spent in this company it should be easy to see how he came to be a horror writer.
When not at his day job, or spending time with his family, Mick can be found reading or writing something that is intended to make the readers skin crawl.
Mick can be found on Facebook and Twitter, or you can send him an email
“The Nightcrawler is a hellish cross country trek to the darkness of man's soul.” – Hunter Shea, author of CREATURE and WE ARE ALWAYS WATCHING
“Eerie, dark, and mysterious, Ridgewell’s focus is on character and story instead of the blood and gore. The Nightcrawler is an atmospheric, spook-fest of eerie scares.” – David Bernstein, author SKINNER and GOBLINS

Monday, July 2, 2018

12 Gauge: Songs From A Street Sweeper by Dustin LaValley [4.5 stars]

From the Description

(12 Gauge) Songs from A Street Sweeper includes three white-knuckled novellas.


A prison escapee leads law enforcement on a chase through the Adirondack Mountains, where they encounter a reclusive elderly man with a dark secret.



An ultra-violent satirical commentary on societal norms, cliques, and obedience.


The Deceived

A criminal pair invade the home of the wrong man on the wrong day.


Publication Date: July 1, 2018

Publisher: Sinister Grin Press

Publication Length: 282 pages


I received a copy of this book as part of the 12 Gauge: Songs From A Street Sweeper Blog Tour for review consideration. This is in no way reflected in my opinion of this novel. I did not receive any form of compensation for my review. If you would like to review 12 Gauge: Songs From A Street Sweeper or feature Dustin with an interview or guest article for a media publication, blog, or author blurb, please e-mail Erin Al-Mehairi, publicist, at



12 Gauge: Songs From A Street Sweeper is a collection of three novellas that are filled with gruesome action, some WTF moments, and a few chuckles if your sense of humor is as warped as mine is. You won’t find any supernatural monsters within these pages but the ones of the human variety do just fine. Spinner is a gorefest worthy of any splatterpunk fan. Most of the WTF moments came with this story. If you take one part Lord of the Flies mix it with one part Battle Royale and film the whole thing as a reality TV show you get H/armed. This one was tons of fun! Two would-be thieves find out that sometimes the owner of the house you plan on robbing is a bigger bad guy than you ever dreamed of being. These novellas are gory, and brutal so faint hearted reader beware, but for my fellow gore-hounds and lovers of all things disturbing this is a fantastic 4.5 star read.



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About the Author



Dustin LaValley was unable to attend the black-tie gala to receive the SUNY Parnassus Award for Creative Writing, as he had a fight in New Hampshire the same night, where he brought home gold. He's had several books published, and as a screenwriter several scripts produced. His psychological thriller novella The Deceived, has been optioned for film.


He lives in the Adirondacks of New York, where he's a practicing Sensei of Seito Shito Ryu karate and Okinawan jujutsu.


Follow Dustin LaValley on his WEBSITE and on Facebook, Twitter, and GoodReads




"Spinner is a thriller, a horror story, and an adventure narrative. It's also a lot of fast, bloody, violent fun." --Gabino Iglesias, Horror Talk


"LaValley creates a non-stop, adrenaline ride of violence and mayhem, in a setting Americans know all so well. H/armed is a bloody, relentless and visceral assault on the senses. Wickedly entertaining." --Paul Hough, writer/director of “The Human Race”


"The Deceived is equal parts thrilling, creepy, and downright brutal. A wonderful tale." --Ronald Malfi, author of Floating Staircase

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Hearing Evil by Jason Parent [5 stars]

From the Description
Michael Turcotte wants nothing to do with his so-called gift—the ability to see other people’s fates simply by touching them. Michael decides to spend his summer searching for answers about his past. He can’t rest without the sounds of forgotten tragedy echoing through his dreams, but reconstructing his memories will come with a whole new set of problems even he can’t foresee.
Detective Samantha Reilly has always looked out for Michael, but now that she’s taken him into her home, she fears her maternal instincts are lacking. When a brutal gang sets off a chain reaction of crimes, Sam struggles to choose between the two most important things in her life: her job and her new foster son. Fate intervenes when Michael is kidnapped, forcing her two roles to collide.
As Michael’s past meets Sam’s present, their bond will be tested while a city crumbles around them. They’ll need all their skills and a lot of luck in order to survive.
Publication Date: May 29, 2018
Publisher: Red Adept Publishing, LLC
Publication Length: 256 pages


I received a copy of this book as part of the Hearing Evil Blog Tour for review consideration. This is in no way reflected in my opinion of this novel. I did not receive any form of compensation for my review.
Hearing Evil, book 2 in the Cycle of Evil series, is a fantastic follow up to Seeing Evil. Jason Parent books are always fun but this series keeps me glued to the pages. Sam and Michael feel like real people, people who you’ve come to know and care about. Sam has become Michael’s guardian and my heart broke for both of them as they struggle to define the place they hold both in each other’s lives and hearts. To complicate matters, Michael is struggling to live with his psychic abilities, and just wanting to be like everyone else. When he meets someone who offers answers he jumps at the chance, landing in more danger than he realizes. Sam must fight to stop a ruthless gang of prisoners who have escaped prison and now plan on getting revenge on her and taking out as many people as they can. Fast paced and full of suspense this book will keep you on the edge of your seat. A highly recommended 5 star read.
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About the Author
Jason Parent is an author of horror, thrillers, mysteries, science fiction and dark humor, though his many novels, novellas, and short stories tend to blur the boundaries between these genres.
From his EPIC and eFestival Independent Book Award finalist first novel, What Hides Within, to his widely applauded police procedural/supernatural thriller, Seeing Evil, Jason’s work has won him praise from both critics and fans of diverse genres alike. His work has been compared to that of some of his personal favorite authors, such as Chuck Palahniuk, Jack Ketchum, Tess Gerritsen, and Joe Hill.
Jason grew up near Fall River, Massachusetts, the setting for several of his novels. He has lived in New England most his life, currently residing in Rhode Island.
You can follow Jason on his Website, Facebook, Twitter, and GoodReads
If you have not read Jason Parent, do yourself a huge favor and indulge. You will not be sorry. -- F. Spinney
I like this author. He is one of my favorites. His writing style easily pulls you into the story, and his descriptions are disturbing because he never holds back, but that is what you expect from the best horror writers. -- Catherine – Writer
Jason Parent has a vast imagination, demonstrated in everything he writes.
-- The Haunted Reading Room
Major kudos to Mr. Parent - it's hard to do mystery, thriller, and horror all in one but he does it very well. -- Aaron Cross
Jason Parent is an author to watch. Closely. Seriously, don't take your eyes off him. -- Adam Light